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Upcoming Events

I am busy applying to amazing opportunities across the country. Check back for more information.


2019 - Madison Public Library “Luck of the Draw: Vol 2”, Madison, Wisconsin. USA

2018 - Various Locations “Sketch for Survival” England, UK and New York, NY. USA.

2018 - Madison Public Library “Selections from ‘Real and Endangered’” Madison, Wisconsin. USA.

2018 - Norwich Art Centre, “Patterns of Play World Cup Exhibition”, Norwich, England, UK

2018 - Table Wine “Excerpts from The SadHappy”, Madison, Wisconsin. USA.

2017 - Gib’s Bar “Persist Together”, Madison, Wisconsin. USA.

2017 - Madison Public Library “Tarot Art Card Show”, Madison, Wisconsin. USA.

2016 - Madison Municipal Building “Municipal”, Madison, Wisconsin. USA